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Main Office:
Gilmore's Driving School
456 Main Street (Rt 122A)
Holden, MA 01520
(Next to Jed's hardware)


Princeton, MA drivers ed
Sterling, MA driver education

Are you certified by the RMV?
Yes, we are Professional Driving School #9172.

Can you explain the various terminology?
Most students begin with the classroom session, where students come to the driving school and attend a total of 30 hours of classes while sitting at a desk. There is no driving done during classroom sessions. Students who have paid their tuition in full and have a learner's permit then begin their 12 hours of road lessons, which is the on-road driving portion of driver's ed. The road test is the examination that you take when you are going for your license.

Why should I go to Gilmore's Driving School?
Gilmore's provides a superior education at a competitive price, and we offer the highest road test passing rate in the Greater Worcester area. We limit enrollment to ensure better lesson and road test availability, and we get to know our students instead of treating you like a number. We don't hire trainees: our least-experienced instructor has been teaching driver's ed for more than 12 years! We also spend much more on our fleet to put our students into bigger, safer vehicles that are maintained much better than the competition's. It all adds up to the best value in the area by far!

How do I sign up for your Gilmore-sponsored weekend road test in Holden?
If you are one of our students, click the link in your Schedule2Drive messages. If you're not one of our students, sorry but we most likely will not have a spot for you at this time. Please note that the RMV sets the date, and we typically receive only 5 to 7 days' notice. Although it's usually on Saturday or Sunday, occasionally due to very high demand we will get an alternate day, such as Tuesday evening.

What is with the "FOR LEASE" sign that we see in front of Jed's Hardware?
Our competitors will be disappointed to hear that it's not us. Thai Island has gone out of business. The space offered for lease is 2000 square feet. We have 1400 square feet. We ahve asked the landlord to also put up a "FOR LEASE" sign in the windows of the former Thai Island location to avoid any misunderstandings.

Do you offer "private" (hourly) lessons?
Sorry, our program is 100% devoted to students who take the full Driver Education program (30-hour classroom, 12 hours on-road training, 6 hours observing another student).

Do you offer road tests to everyone?
Most of the time we offer our weekend road test only to graduates of our full Driver Education program. You may check our sister website at
saturdayroadtests.com to check availability

What are the time limits for completing driver's ed with your driving school?
Driving tuition must be paid in full within 30 days of the final classroom session. You should begin driving with us within 3 months of your classroom. Tuition covers participation in our program for up to one year.

What types of cars do you have?
fleet features several Top Safety Rated+ all-wheel drive Toyota RAV4's. Although it costs us more, for obvious safety reasons we don't believe in using the small economy cars that most other driving schools use.

What do I need to know about the new license?
You'll want to read the following Massachusetts State web page: NEW REQUIREMENTS. Before going to the RMV, please also review the DOCUMENT CHECKLIST. For those under 18, the following FORM may be useful.

How old do I have to be to get started?
You can take our driver's ed classroom at 15 years, 9 months old. We recommend taking the classroom session shortly before turning 16, as the permit test at the RMV will be easier as a result (but you should still study the
driver's manual, due to the possibility of obscure questions that wouldn't be covered in our class).

What do you teach in the course?
Our curriculum is closely based on RMV course guidelines and teaches safe driving attitudes and techniques. We carefully schedule road lessons to focus on skill advancement and avoid low-value "taxi" driving. Our experienced instructors will train you to anticipate and avoid risks, rather than simply react to them. In addition to real-world street skills, you'll practice all of the maneuvers required for the road test on nearly every lesson.

How do I get my road lessons done quickly?
Make sure that all of your classroom modules are finished and the parent class is taken. Make yourself available, be flexible about pickup locations and times, don't be a no-show or cancel lessons, and log in to your Schedule2Drive account daily (twice per day on Wednesdays and Thursdays). Students who are eligible or soon to be eligible for a license and follow the above procedures have finished all of their lessons in as little as 11 days with us.

I am under 18, what must I do to get into your Saturday Road Test?
Our policy is to admit graduates of Gilmore's Driving School only. Due to current RMV policies, procedures and deadlines and in order for us to request your driver education certificate from the RMV and have it processed in time to get you into a road test, all students will need to meet the following criteria 15 days in advance:
1) Finish all classroom modules and road lessons.
2) Complete at least 40 hours of "supervised driving" at home.
3) Have a valid, unexpired permit, which was obtained at least 184 days prior to the road test date.
4) Parent class completed, or copy of certificate from class taken elsewhere already submitted to us.
5) Submit to us any unpaid balances, plus our road test sponsorship fee.

You will also need to do the following:
1) If you didn't pre-pay the licensing fees when you obtained your learner's permit: call (857-368-8000), go to
RMV WEBSITE or visit RMV and "pre-pay licensing fees" ($85). Please note that you cannot pay the fees through the school or to the examiner on the day of your road test. RMV licensing fees are not included in tuition or road test sponsorship at any driving school and must be paid by you directly to the RMV. Once you pass the road test, your permit becomes a license if you prepaid the RMV licensing fees. If you received your learner's permit prior to 3/26/18, you will have to go IN PERSON to the RMV, supply the required additional documentation, and pay the fees then.
2) About 1 week before your road test: log into your Schedule2Drive account and schedule your warmup lesson (look for a short lesson one or two days before the exam which clearly says "warmup lesson").

What is done in the parent class?
Our parent class is a State-mandated, two-hour information session, held either on a weekday evening or a Saturday morning.

I missed a classroom session, what should I do?
We do not guarantee available space for make-up students, therefore you are urged to attend your regularly-scheduled classes. If available, you'll need to make up the time during a subsequent course session. Consult our
Online Schedule and give us a call. There may be a nominal fee for make-up classes, since you are taking a seat away from a full-week student.

Can I drive in NH with my MA learner's Permit?
Our best current information says you can drive in CT, NH, ME, NY and RI on a MA learner's permit, if accompanied by a licensed adult and following other requirements. Vermont does not recognize out of state permits. New Hampshire requires that the licensed adult be over the age of 25, and the vehicle is non-commercial. Check with the other state's DMV before proceeding.

If I take your course do I get an insurance discount?
Yes. Graduates of our full driver's ed program receive an insurance discount of up to 20%, no extra courses required! Please check with your insurance company.

How do I obtain my learner's permit?
You should study the
driver's manual and then go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to take the permit test. No appointment is needed, but you must arrive at least 1 hour+ before closing. As a minimum, bring your birth certificate (with raised seal) and Social Security card, proof of Massachusetts address, and if you have a Federally-issued ID such as a passport, bring that too! Please note that applicants who are over 18 will need to provide additional documents proving Massachusetts residence and verification of your signature.

What is included in tuition at Gilmore's Driving School??
Except for the one-time $10 Schedule2Drive account fee, full tuition includes everything needed to take your driver education: the 30-hour classroom, use of our well-maintained cars for 12 hours of road lessons and 6 hours observation, and parent class attendance. There are no additional per-lesson charges or charges for classroom manuals, etc. Once you are completely finished, you will pay us $99 to take a Gilmore's-sponsored road test, or $25 for the driver's ed certificate only. All Massachusetts residents who seek a driver's license must also pay $85 in licensing fees directly to the RMV, which are separate from both tuition and the road test sponsorship fee you pay the driving school. RMV licensing fees are not included in tuition or road test sponsorship at any driving school and cannot be paid through the school.

How do I pay my tuition balance?
When you want to begin the driving portion of the curriculum, you may come in person to our Holden office, bring a check with you to the first classroom session, or mail a check to Gilmore's Driving School at 456 Main Street, Holden MA 01520. Please note that our contract with you stipulates that tuition must be paid in full within 30 days of your last classroom session.

How do I schedule road lessons?
JOL students should go to our
scheduling instructions page and use the school code that was given to you in class to register. Once registered, please wait to be activated (one week or less) and then use your student login.

How do I schedule a lesson with my friend?
Look on Schedule2Drive for a lesson with 2 spots open, with the same instructor at the same time. If you both sign up for this lesson, you will be together.

How do I get 12 hours of driving but only 6 hours observation?
Focus on your drive times with us and supervised (at home) driving, and don't worry about observation time, which usually just takes care of itself.

Where will you pick me up?
We pick up at local high schools and other convenient central locations. Our top priorities are your safety and the quality of education provided. Because we don't want students to be "taxi drivers" at the expense of receiving quality lessons, we do not pick up at home. We try to honor dropoff requests whenever logistically feasible (maximum 5 miles from pickup location).

What is the Driver Education certificate fee?
For you to qualify for a JOL road test (under 18) and insurance discount (all), upon full completion of our program we need to finalize all of your data on the RMV Atlas system and submit a driver education certificate request, sent along with a fee to the RMV that we pay for you. This fee is not included in tuition, and separate from any other fees that you may have paid to the RMV directly. If you're taking the road test on your own, the certificate needs to be processed by the RMV before you can schedule your test (call for instructions). A paper "certificate" is no longer mailed, it is now just an entry on the RMV computer system.

Why don't you include optional road test sponsorship in tuition?
Because it is an industry standard, and because it is optional.

Do you guarantee that I'll pass?
Although our passing rate is among the highest in the State of Massachusetts, no driving school can guarantee that every applicant will pass. Your chances are influenced by factors beyond our control, such as how well you function under pressure. If you didn't do a full 40+ hours of quality training at home as required by Mass law, your chances of passing the road test will be diminished.

Why did the RMV examiner fail me/my son/daughter/friend for no reason?
Such a scenario does not exist. All road test applicants begin the exam with a passing grade, and are unsuccessful only if they exhibit lack of vehicle control, don't follow rules of the road, or create a dangerous situation that requires examiner intervention. Due to nervousness or lack of preparation some people do fail, and it can be embarrassing to admit why.

How long does it take for my new license to arrive?
If you already submitted the required new documents and pre-paid the RMV licensing fees directly to the RMV, you should receive your license in the mail within 10 to 12 days. If you don't receive it within 2 weeks, it is usually because the RMV wants money and/or additional documentation from you, and you should contact the RMV directly. Please note that if you took the exam more than once, you will owe additional fees to the RMV. If you take the Gilmore's Driving School-sponsored road test, we do all of the data entry and scheduling for you, provide the venue, sponsor and approved vehicle, and make an optional warmup lesson available to you at a subsidized cost. We do not process your license; once you've taken the road test, the RMV is in charge of processing and there is no need to contact us. The RMV licensing fees are in addition to, and separate from, our sponsorship fee.

Can I rent or borrow one of your cars to take the road test on my own at the RMV?
No, but in some cases we can bring you to the RMV in our vehicle, with one of our highly experienced instructors as your sponsor. Call us at 508-829-5500 for more information.

What about skid school?
We don't offer it. Our program is focused on encouraging safe driver decision-making, recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations before they occur instead of just trying to react after the fact.

According to a June 2006 article published by the National Institute of Health, "Young drivers who receive skid training, especially males, have more crashes than those without training, probably through inspiring overconfidence and show-off behavior". You might also want to read the following article before deciding is skid school is right for you:   When Extra Driving Courses Are a Bad Idea

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