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Gilmore's Driving School
456 Main Street (Rt. 122A)
Holden, MA 01520
(Next to Jed's Hardware)
One mile from I-190

Gilmore's Driving School
1000 Boston Tpk (Route 9)
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
(Next to Cape Cod Crafters)

wachusett high school driver's ed
The two-hour parent class is required by the State for completion of the driver's ed curriculum. State-mandated subjects along with important licensing information is discussed.

The parent class must be done before any of the driving curriculum begins.

If you took the parent class within the past 5 years, you do not need to take it again, provided that we receive proof you attended the class elsewhere. Parent class is not required if student is over the age of 18. We'll keep your attendance on electronic file, and you do not need to produce a parent class certificate unless you switch driving schools. To be environmentally-friendly we no longer issue a paper certificate unless requested ($15).

Open to all parents. To register as one of our customers, call 508-829-5500 anytime and leave us a message with both your name and the student's name (no need to confirm). If you are not one of our customers, please call during business hours so that we may get the correct info. We have parent classes on a regular basis; there is no specific one that you need to take, but it should preferably be done around the time that a student receives their learner's permit, and MUST be done before the driving curriculum begins.

NOTE: Once full, listed dates are removed from this page

Wednesday, March 28   6PM to 8PM   (Holden)

    Parent Class Fees:
      Parent Class Attendance (our customers): NO CHARGE
      Parent Class Certificate (new or replacement): $10
      Attendance and Certificate (non-customers): $20

Classes held at indicated location. Doors close 5 minutes after scheduled start time.