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12-Hour Online Road Lesson Scheduling Instructions

NOTE: The instructions below are for our full driver education students only! (private lessons not currently offered)

For your convenience, Gilmore's Driving School uses a third-party online road lesson scheduling system (Schedule2Drive), which can be accessed as often as you wish, at any time 24/7/365. To follow are instructions for our JOL students only on how to set up your account, and how to use the scheduling system. First, print out this page, then go to Schedule2drive.
  • Students are responsible for paying a one-time $10 Schedule2Drive fee. We recommend that you use a credit or debit card when setting up your Schedule2Drive account, so that Schedule2Drive will activate your account right away.

  • To set up your online account, please have your permit ready, and follow the directions below. Don't use the “Back” function. Please note that your tuition must be paid in full, all classroom sessions finished, and the parent class taken, before you begin your drive time with us. Driving tuition may be paid by check or cash only. DO NOT set up more than one Schedule2Drive account!

  • Fill in the school code given to you in the classroom in the "Need an Account" box and click "GO".

  • Fill out all the information on the first registration page. On the next page, enter your (student's) cell phone number on the required top line. Verify all information, submit twice.

  • Wait to be verified and activated by both Schedule2Drive and us. This may take up to 10 days, but is usually completed within 5 days or less. If you still owe tuition or do not have a parent class, your account will go from "unverified" to "deactivated". If you enter an incorrect permit number, we cannot activate your account.

  • After you are registered and activated, you will use the "Student Login" to gain access. To register for a lesson, log in using your permit number and date of birth. On your home page, click "schedule lessons" and select a date from the calendar which shows that lessons are open. Make sure to select AND verify each lesson before trying to schedule another lesson. Do not schedule 2-hour lessons unless you are available for the entire 2 hours (there is no guarantee that you will drive first).

  • If you are unable to log in for any reason, call us at 508-829-5500 and we’ll be glad to help you.

  • All students may log in to their account as often as desired. Be advised that Schedule2Drive records all student activity for us to see, including login dates and times, and all lesson scheduling/cancellation activity. Students who are obviously not driving much at home, are trying to finish much too soon, or don't have a parent class, will have a waiting period between lessons. Students who have an excessive number of cancellations or unpaid fees will have a waiting period or a deactivated account. All late fees must be paid by calendar month end. During demand peaks, students who will not soon be eligible for a road test may have a waiting period between lessons so that those who are already eligible for a license can finish quickly.

  • Although we carefully limit annual enrollment to well below our capacity, extreme short-term fluctuations in the balance of supply/demand due to seasonality, school vacations, high school sports seasons and other school events, staffing changes, employee absences, holidays and vacations, weather, social psychology, and many other factors sometimes occur. It is extremely difficult to provide sufficient work for our instructors during slow times, yet still have excellent lesson availability for our customers during busy times! You are strongly advised to avoid procrastinating, and to avoid trying to finish on short notice during one of our busiest times of year (Typically Late-February to Mid-April and Late-July through September). Plan accordingly! Your best strategy is to begin early, log in often, and spread out your lessons over a period of 2 to 3 months. Please also remember that we are providing a quality education which requires time to properly absorb, along with a minimum 40 hours of "homework" as required by Mass law. The weekly number of lessons picking up at a given location is determined statistically by the number of our students at that location.

  • To more effectively utilize instructor availability we schedule lessons one week ahead only, which greatly reduces no-shows. New lessons are posted midweek for the following week. The best times to log in are between very late on Tuesday evening through Friday morning.

  • Our top priorities are your safety and the quality of education provided. To reduce schedule disruptions due to the many no-shows that we encounter, all lessons are scheduled for 2 hours for two students, unless specifically denoted otherwise. If the other student is a no-show, you will be offered a 2-hour "drive only" session. We pick up at local high schools and other convenient central locations. Because we don't want students to be "taxi drivers" at the expense of receiving quality lessons, we do not pick up at home. We do try to honor reasonable dropoff requests when logistically feasible. Under no circumstances will a dropoff more than 5 or 6 miles from the pickup location be considered.

  • If you need to cancel a lesson, go to the bottom right of your road lesson schedule homepage and select "cancel lesson", click submit, then verify cancellation. Lessons which are canceled with 18 to 36 hours notice will incur an $15 fee; cancelled with less than 18 hours notice will incur a $25 fee, and "no-shows" (including "no-permit" and "no-glasses"), or late cancellation within 3 hours of the lesson will incur a $30 fee. You must be at the indicated pickup location within 10 minutes of the appointed time, permit in hand, otherwise you are a no-show. Please note that Schedule2Drive has only one price setting for missed lessons and logs all fees at $30, we will manually adjust as needed. We understand that life happens, however we do not make any exceptions. Our missed lesson fees are priced at well below the industry average of $45 for late cancellations and $50 for no-shows. All late fees must be settled at the end of each calendar month and/or before the driver education certificate is ordered.

  • To allow for RMV processing of the necessary applications, you must finish all requirements, including road lessons, parent class, submission of certificates from other driving schools, and payment of our separate road test sponsorship fee at least 21 days before the desired road test date. All tuition and fee balances must be settled before we will order the driver education certificate from the RMV. The driver education certificate must already be processed before the road test can be scheduled. Please note that RMV licensing fees are separate from, and in addition to, our sponsorship fee. If you want to go to the RMV on your own, you should contact us first to get the driver's ed certificate ordered, and then expect to wait 6 to 8 weeks to get an exam slot.

  • Students must begin road lessons within 6 months of the classroom session, and are allotted one year from the first training event (classroom or road lesson) to finish all requirements. After one year, our contract with you ends.

We look forward to seeing you on the road!

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